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Summer has arrived, bringing with it a well-deserved break! While school’s out, take a few minutes to absorb some tips from Dr. Sindledecker and Dr. Saltz to ensure your teeth and mouth stay healthy for a summer of beautiful smiles.


Staying active in warm weather requires adequate hydration. Choose your drinks wisely, as sodas and sports drinks can be high in sugar, promoting the growth of cavity-causing bacteria. Opt for water, a healthy, sugar-free choice, especially if your tap water contains fluoride. Hydration not only supports overall health but also aids in saliva production, a natural way to wash away food particles and bacteria, while fortifying teeth.


Engaging in outdoor sports like biking, skateboarding, baseball, or soccer can expose your teeth to potential damage. If you already use a mouthguard for school sports, remember to wear it during summer activities. If you don’t have one, consider getting a ready-made guard or a custom-fit option from our office. Discuss your favorite sports with us, and we’ll help you choose the best way to safeguard your teeth during your summer adventures.

Vacation Plans

If your family has travel plans this summer, inform us! We can schedule any necessary procedures at our Boca Raton office around your vacation time. It’s advisable to address any dental work before you travel, and we’ll gladly accommodate your family’s schedule. Carry our contact number in case of dental emergencies, and consider packing a dental emergency kit for added preparedness.

Sticking to Your Dental Routine

The bacteria responsible for increased plaque and cavities don’t take a vacation. Stick to your regular routine, including two minutes of thorough brushing at least twice a day and regular flossing. If it’s time for an exam or cleaning, or if you encounter any dental issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

However you spend your summer, we wish it to be filled with joy and healthy smiles!

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