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A root canal involves the extraction of the nerve supply from a tooth. Understanding the purpose of a root canal can help demystify the process.

Dr. Sindledecker and Dr. Saltz will provide a detailed explanation of the steps involved during your in-person consultation before your scheduled root canal at our Boca Raton office. Here are reasons why you might need a root canal and an overview of the procedure:

To understand the necessity of a root canal, let’s consider the different layers of a tooth. The outer layer is the enamel, composed of minerals. Beneath that is the less dense dentin, made of calcified tissues.

The central part, known as the pulp, houses nerves and blood vessels. When decay or infection reaches the pulp, a root canal becomes necessary to remove and replace the infected root with a filling.

Various factors such as cavities, sudden trauma, severe cracks, or events leading to nerve damage can initiate an infection in the tooth’s root. Symptoms of infection may include abnormal pain, swelling, sensitivity, or changes in tooth appearance.

If you observe these symptoms, do not hesitate to contact our Boca Raton office to schedule an examination. X-rays may be taken to assess whether a root canal is required.

During the root canal procedure, you will receive anesthesia for comfort. The affected tooth will be isolated and sterilized. Subsequently, the infected area is removed, including nerve tissue and blood vessels. The void left by the removed nerve is filled, and a crown is placed to protect the enamel from future breakdown and prevent potential tooth loss. A root canal can eliminate the need for tooth extraction due to decay or infection.

If you have additional queries about root canals or notice any new oral issues, feel free to contact our office. Our staff is available to address your questions and schedule an appointment for a thorough examination of the affected tooth.

Remember, catching the problem early can help you avoid the need for a root canal!

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