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Staying active and engaged in winter sports is a fantastic way to keep fit despite the cold weather. Many of our favorite team activities shine during this season, but it’s crucial to remember to safeguard your teeth while participating in these sports.

Basketball Known for one of the highest rates of dental injuries, basketball involves intense movement on an unforgiving court, which can lead to tooth and jaw injuries. The nature of the game often results in players colliding and elbows flying.

Hockey Hockey is notorious for its impact on teeth due to the combination of sticks, ice, and fast-moving pucks. Given the penalties involving hooking, slashing, and tripping, additional protection is essential.

Skiing Speeding down snowy slopes in sports like skiing and snowboarding can pose risks to your mouth. Protecting your teeth becomes especially crucial in these winter activities.

Wrestling Close-quarters grappling in wrestling can inadvertently lead to injuries from contact with the mat or opponents.

Despite the varying uniforms, equipment, and playing fields in these sports, they share a common need—mouth protection. Mouthguards are essential for safeguarding your teeth, and they come in three main types:

  1. Over-the-counter, ready-made appliances: Available in drugstores and sporting goods stores, these may not provide the most comfortable fit, as they come in pre-formed sizes.
  2. Boil-and-bite option: This type of mouthguard is placed in hot water and then bitten down on to shape it to your mouth and teeth.
  3. Custom mouthguards: Crafted specifically for you, these are created in our Boca Raton office. Custom mouthguards offer an individualized fit for better protection, increased durability, and enhanced comfort. If you wear braces, a custom mouthguard is especially crucial to prevent injuries to your mouth or braces caused by an ill-fitting appliance.

Regardless of whether you participate in team sports or individual athletic activities, prioritizing safety while staying active is essential. We’re more than happy to discuss your mouthguard options for any sport throughout the year.

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