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You’ve opted for the Invisalign system, drawn to its numerous advantages such as comfort, convenience, aesthetic appeal, and the potential for shorter treatment duration. To enhance these benefits, maintaining your Invisalign aligners is a straightforward and uncomplicated process. Follow these easy guidelines to ensure your aligners remain in optimal condition throughout your treatment journey.

Keep Them Clean

  1. Prioritize oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth before wearing your aligners to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and food particles.
  2. Brush your aligners separately with a soft toothbrush and lukewarm water whenever you brush your teeth.
  3. Rinse your aligners each time you remove them during the day.
  4. Follow the recommended soaking routine, using either the Invisalign Cleaning System or consult our Boca Raton team for alternative suggestions to eliminate odor and bacteria.

Maintain Clarity

The inconspicuous appearance of Invisalign is one of its key attractions. To preserve this nearly invisible quality and avoid discoloration or scratches, be mindful of these common mistakes:

  1. White spots on your aligner may indicate plaque build-up, so rinse and thoroughly clean your aligner after removal, both in the morning and at night.
  2. Use a gentle touch when brushing with a soft brush to avoid scratches that could become noticeable.
  3. Refrain from eating with your Invisalign aligners to prevent staining and the retention of food particles, which can lead to dental issues. If you need to eat or drink, remove your aligners, rinse them, and brush before putting them back in. Stick to water to avoid any adverse effects on your teeth or aligners.
  4. Choose an appropriate solution for soaking aligners, avoiding harsh chemicals, colored mouthwashes, or certain toothpaste types that may dim or discolor the clear plastic.

Consult with Dr. Sindledecker and Dr. Saltz to determine the best products and methods for maintaining your aligners. Simplifying the process of enhancing your smile is yet another advantage of choosing Invisalign!

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