Zoom Whitening

Many people are clueless of post-procedural care after zoom whitening. Although, the process itself lasts for just an hour, it is important to maintain the sheen on your teeth after the process as well. Speak with our specialists at www.mybocadentist.com – Sindledecker Dentistry, to learn about the different ways to tend to your whitened teeth.

after zoom whitening

After using Zoom!® teeth whitening method, we advise patients to use at-home whitening kits that will help the treatment last a long time. While we effectively remove all the stains from your teeth but to maintain a lasting radiance, our Nine White® system uniquely lets you handle your daily tasks after zoom whitening, while efficiently keeping the stains off from your teeth. With the ease of whitening as much or as little as you want, you can now try different shades of white to suit your requirement. For slightly more sensitive teeth, we advise you to regularly invest in teeth whitening at home in order to keep sensitivity at bay. With a combination of these two highly effective treatment modes, you can easily take care of your teeth every day.

Combine the best of both the methods to enhance your smile and bring back your teeth’s radiance. Book your appointment at www.mybocadentist.com with Dr. Maxine and Dr. Amanda Sindledecker and learn everything about after zoom whitening, right away!

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