Zoom Teeth Bleaching

Zoom teeth bleaching is a powerful treatment that takes about an hour to complete at the Sindledecker Dentistry clinic in Boca Raton Fl. With the latest equipment and state-of-the-art dental technology, come in for a quick fix of your teeth and go back with a radiant smile.

Zoom teeth bleaching

Teeth whitening and bleaching is not a very lengthy procedure. It is best used for removing hard stains like the ones caused by tea and coffee, or soda and wine, tobacco, etc. These stains not only make your smile fade away but also make you conscious while socializing. With Zoom! Teeth bleaching, patients can now get an instant respite from all these stains. The procedure lasts only about an hour and can be taken anytime during the day, by booking an appointment at our Boca Raton, Fl clinic. After applying the Zoom!® gel on your teeth, an activating light will softly break up and eradicate the stains of food and beverages and also lift the stains from excessive use of tobacco. We advise you with the routine care you need to invest in, at home, so that your teeth keep looking radiant and white for a long time. This is a guaranteed treatment that enables the teeth to look at least 10 shades whiter and give you a perfect celebrity-smile.

Although the treatment is safe to use, we do not advise zoom teeth bleaching to everyone. It is better to get a detailed consultation by booking an appointment through www.mybocadentist.com, today!

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