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Cosmetic Dentistry | Sindledecker Dentistry | Boca Raton FLIt is no secret that we humans have a thing for white teeth. If we look back at ancient documentation and archeological data, we can see that we always have. Our interest in and admiration of white teeth have fostered centuries-long persistence in the development of whitening techniques that are both effective and safe for lifelong oral health. Now that we are in the midst of modern dentistry, we have ample opportunity to revive a dull smile and keep teeth radiant for life.

Setting a New Standard

Most people aren’t born with ultra-white teeth. On the other hand, we also don’t usually have noticeable staining during our youth. Stains happen over time. Just as microscopic particles can turn our white sheets dingy, the same thing can happen to our teeth. By the time we notice, discoloration is significant enough that a good cleaning just won’t do the trick. We need a new standard. At Sindledecker Dentistry in Boca Raton, we can help you achieve that new standard in a short, in-office whitening session or with convenient home whitening. Either is an excellent choice that can lead to the management phase of cosmetic dental care.

Fostering a Lifetime of Radiance

Discoloration can occur without much effort on your part, and so can radiance. Once your new standard of luminosity has been achieved with professional teeth whitening, your daily oral care can do a lot to keep you in the light. In addition to brushing every morning and night and flossing once a day, your bright smile can be supported by rinsing your mouth with water after you consume foods and beverages that can stain enamel. Choosing snacks that are crunchy can also benefit your radiant smile by naturally cleaning debris off teeth. Finally, as needed, see Drs. Sindledecker for touch up teeth whitening to remove particles that have settled into enamel.

Schedule a Consultation

Let’s set a new standard of radiance together. Call our Boca Raton office at 561-368-2928 to speak with a friendly member of our staff about teeth whitening. During your consultation, we can discuss your options and choose which is best for your desired results.

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