You’re Getting Botox Injections in Boca Raton. How Long Will You See Results?

Botox boca raton flMost Botox injections last for about four months. But the way you care for your face after the shots can lengthen or shorten this timeframe. Find out how to protect your investment and make your fresh appearance last. 

It seems like all of your buddies are getting Botox. Boca Raton, Florida, isn’t exactly an appearance-obsessed place. But most of us want to look our best. A fresh face, free of wrinkles, is a simple way to do just that.

Are questions keeping you from signing up? 

At Sindledecker Dentistry, we offer Botox therapies as part of our suite of care. The most common query we get from patients involves timeframes. If they get an injection, how long will it last?

Typical Botox Time Frame 

Botox is a neurotoxin. We inject a small amount beneath the surface of the skin. When the shots begin to work, muscles are paralyzed. The skin is no longer pulled and contorted, and the skin softens and grows smooth. 

Most people see big changes within a few hours, but it can take up to a week or so to get the full impact of your injections. 

Typically, your face stays smooth for about three to four months after the shot. At that point, the toxin begins to wear off, and your muscles can contract as they once did. 

3 Ways to Keep Your Smile Looking Fresh 

You can’t keep Botox injections active for the rest of your life. But the choices you make can have a deep impact on how long your face seems smooth and wrinkle free. 

We tell our patients to take three important steps:

  1. Stay out of the sun. Boca Raton is a sunny place, and it’s tempting to spend all day basking in the heat. But those rays can penetrate deep layers of your skin. Stay in the shade, if possible, and always wear sunscreen. 
  2. Moisturize. Apply products several times per day to keep your skin hydrated and smooth. 
  3. Skip the frowns. Some experts recommend putting tape on your face to remind you not to clench your muscles. We just tell our patients to think happy thoughts when they can. 

We’d like to be your Botox Boca Raton, FL, choice. Contact us for an appointment today. 

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