Why Dental Alternatives to Crowns Are Smart Choices for Your Teeth

Dental Alternatives to Crowns

Contact My Boca Dentist for the finest, natural-looking dental alternatives to crowns and learn why these safe and effective options are the best choices for your oral health.

Have you recently chipped a tooth? Have you worn down a tooth through repetitive night grinding? Has a cavity carved out a portion of a tooth? Or perhaps a tiny tooth—often a ‘peg lateral’—detracts from your full smile? If any of these scenarios describe the appearance of your mouth, then you may be the perfect candidate for dental alternatives to crowns which can not only improve your oral health but transform the looks of your smile, as well. At My Boca Dentist, Drs. Maxine and Amanda Sindledecker are board-certified and offer a myriad of services in addition to restorative dentistry, including preventative checkups, state-of-the-art x-ray and scanning, teeth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, implants and bridgework. We even offer Invisalign, the premier tooth-straightening method, as well as cosmetic gum surgery. Our smile makeovers have branched out to include facial enhancement services, such as Botox, micro needling and derma fillers. This world-class practice has served patients in South Florida for 45 years with a unique blend of compassionate care and leading-edge technology all in a comfortable and luxurious downtown office. Their friendly staff treats each patient with respect and ensures a safe, stress-free experience.

With progressive treatment options such as inlays, overlays and veneers, our accomplished doctors can preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible with the worry of dental crown complications. In recent years, the NADL (the professional laboratory nonprofit organization) estimates that inlays and overlays accounted for more than a million restorative treatments annually. Their popularity stems from their amazing results and durability. Inlays and overlays are created outside the mouth to fit perfectly onto the form of the compromised tooth. Lightly cured or cemented onto the tooth, they’re excellent options if the tooth still has viability. Their longevity makes them an appealing option—often lasting up to 30 years. Porcelain veneers are also a possibility for cosmetic enhancement. They do not require tooth surface reduction and can virtually match the natural color of your enamel and resist staining. It’s the ideal option for filling gaps, fixing minor chips and adjusting misalignments—all resulting in a more symmetrical smile. All of these treatments can be completed in our office in only two or three appointment sessions. Why not get take the first step in preserving your oral health, saving your teeth and transforming your smile. World-class dentistry is only an appointment away; contact My Boca Dentist today.

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