Together, We Can Tackle an Aging Smile

Teeth Whitening Boca Raton, FLAging is a natural transition that starts the day we are born. It isn’t until somewhere about halfway along our journey when we might start to experience some resistance. This is nothing new. Humans have spent hundreds of years in search of that proverbial Fountain of Youth. Much time and effort have gone into building that fountain for ourselves.

Patients of our Boca Raton general and cosmetic dentistry practice benefit from our training that has extended into the area of facial rejuvenation. Techniques like BOTOX and micro needling have become popular methods of restoring youthfulness to various facial features. These are significant advances in aesthetic medicine, and we love performing these treatments. However, aging also happens to the smile, and if this is overlooked, there is contention between vibrant facial features and a dull smile.

Reviving Youthfulness Through the Smile

There are several ways that the human eye perceives age. We have known for hundreds of years that the appearance of teeth is something that has been related to age. Dullness and yellowing are two of the primary characteristics that were observed as an indication of being older. Seeing that we want to be able to manage how old we look, it makes sense to start with the smile.

Research has suggested that teeth whitening treatment can make a person appear approximately 10 years younger. Who doesn’t like the sound of that! If facial rejuvenation is on your list of things to do this year, teeth whitening can be a valuable aspect of your strategy. We perform two types of teeth whitening for our patients.

The method of teeth whitening, in-office or home whitening, really doesn’t matter. Some people think that they need to have treatment conducted by their dentist to get the lift they want. Home whitening, when prescribed by your dentist, can achieve just as much. This is because the active ingredients in our home whitening are as strong as those used in the office. The only difference is the time it takes to see your smile transformed.

Professional teeth whitening is one of the best anti-aging treatments there is. To schedule your treatment with us, call 561-368-2928.

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