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Our office has had multiple patients inquire, “How can I care for my teeth while wearingInvisalign?” Although dental needs vary, there are universal practices to enhance the experience of wearing Invisalign aligners. It’s crucial to adhere to Dr. Sindledecker and Dr. Saltz’s instructions while incorporating the following advice into your daily routine.

Consult us regarding teeth whitening, as maintaining white and stain-free teeth is essential. If you have attachments on your teeth, proper whitening might be challenging. Inquire about teeth whitening during Invisalign treatment; it may be advisable to wait until the completion of your treatment.

Maintain daily flossing habits, even with Invisalign. While it’s easy to assume that the aligners protect against bacteria, they can accumulate behind them, affecting your dental health. Stay consistent with your flossing routine.

Adhere to the 48-hour rule when using new aligners. During the initial 48 hours after inserting a new set of aligners, keep them in as much as possible. This period is crucial for optimal teeth movement and aligner effectiveness.

If you encounter slight discomfort while wearing Invisalign, consider taking a pain reliever. However, if the discomfort becomes excessive, don’t hesitate to contact our convenient Boca Raton office to schedule an appointment.

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