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When Valentine’s Day comes to mind, images of cards, flowers, and chocolates flood our thoughts. We envision girlfriends reveling in their singlehood and couples commemorating their relationships. The stores are awash in pink and red, and love seems to permeate the air. However, what Dr. Sindledecker and Dr. Saltz and our team would like to reflect on is the origin and history of this joyful, love-filled day.

Various martyr stories are intertwined with the origins of Valentine’s Day. One prevalent narrative suggests that Valentine, a Roman priest, defied the law during a period when marriage was prohibited for young men. Despite the ban, he clandestinely conducted marriage ceremonies for young lovers. Upon discovery, he faced a death sentence.

Another account posits that Valentine met his demise for aiding Christians in escaping Roman prisons. Yet another legend contends that Valentine initiated the tradition of sending valentines when he fell in love with a girl. He expressed his affection by sending her a letter signed, “From your Valentine.”

Alternative theories propose that the roots of Valentine’s Day trace back to Geoffrey Chaucer, often hailed as the father of English literature. It is believed that he penned a poem, the first to associate St. Valentine with romance, which eventually transformed into a day for expressing love through flowers, sweets, and cards.

Regardless of the holiday’s origin, these narratives all share a common theme: the celebration of human capacity for love. While modern celebrations often emphasize romantic love, the sentiment extends beyond that. Whether directed towards a sister, friend, parent, or even a pet, the essence is an appreciation of the diverse forms of love we experience as human beings.

We want our patients to feel the love! Wishing everyone a joyful Valentine’s Day from the Sindledecker Dentistry team!

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