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Invisalign is gaining popularity as a sought-after solution for orthodontic issues. Unlike traditional braces, which involve placing brackets on teeth and connecting visible wires, Invisalign works discreetly, almost invisibly, providing an appealing alternative, especially for those who prefer not to draw attention to their orthodontic work.

Consultation with a Treatment Provider

Our practice has undergone specialized training to work with Invisalign. During your consultation, Dr. Sindledecker and Dr. Saltz will evaluate your smile needs. In some instances, the nature of the problem may not be suitable for correction through Invisalign, and we may present an alternative solution.

Creation of a Custom Treatment Plan

Invisalign operates using a series of custom clear trays that fit closely over the teeth. To craft these trays, Dr. Sindledecker and Dr. Saltz will take X-rays and impressions of your teeth. These are sent to a specialized laboratory, where a 3D image of your smile is created. This image guides the development of a personalized treatment plan, providing an estimate of the expected duration of treatment.

Arrival of Custom Trays

Once your personalized trays are ready, the treatment commences. For Invisalign to be effective, you must wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day, removing them only for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. The trays gently guide your teeth into proper alignment, addressing orthodontic issues as you go about your daily activities.

Typically, you will switch to a new set of aligners every two weeks to encourage continuous movement of your teeth throughout the treatment. Regular check-ins at our Boca Raton office, approximately every six weeks, are necessary to monitor the progress of the treatment.

Beautiful Smile: Mission Accomplished!

Upon completing your personalized treatment plan, you will attain the smile you’ve always envisioned. Similar to traditional braces, Dr. Sindledecker and Dr. Saltz may recommend wearing a retainer to ensure that your teeth maintain their new positions.

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