The importance of routine professional dental cleanings

Dental Cleaning | Boca Raton, FLAt Sindledecker Dentistry, patients in and around the community of Boca Raton, FL have access to quality care from Drs. Maxine and Amanda Sindledecker. Individuals in the area can request a variety of services from the team, including routine visits with professional teeth cleanings.


How are professional cleanings different than brushing and flossing at home?

In order to maintain oral health and fend off conditions such as periodontal disease and tooth decay, patients are encouraged to take good care of their smile at home with brushing and flossing. While this can be helpful, nothing compares to a professional cleaning at the dental office. Dental cleanings performed by the dental hygienists at our practice are thorough, effective, and affordable. Even the most thorough of brushers can miss spots in the smile that can cause the build-up of plaque and tartar. This can impact the health of smile, contributing to the development of tooth decay and periodontal disease. By visiting the dentist on a regular basis for a professional cleaning, patients can ensure their smile is clean and beautiful.

Additionally, routine dental visits and cleanings every six months will allow patients to take charge of their oral health and wellness by focusing on preventative care. Preventative care is the attention given to the smile before problems occur. By visiting a dentist for regular appointments, patients are having their teeth evaluated on a routine basis to look for the early signs of conditions that can negative impact the smile’s health. For example, the development of periodontal disease can be spotted early enough to address it and bring the smile back to health, and the early detection of tooth decay can reduce the damage that the condition causes to the patient’s smile.

Interested in learning more about routine dental cleanings?

Contact the team at Sindledecker Dentistry today to book your appointment with Drs. Maxine and Amanda Sindledecker of Boca Raton, FL. Our practice is here to help in not only preventative dental needs but routine evaluations, cosmetic treatments, and restorative solutions. Call (561) 368-2928 today and visit the office at 162 West Palmetto Park Road.

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