The Best Dental Crowns in Boca Raton Will Make Your Teeth Look Amazing

Dental Crowns in Boca Raton If you have chipped, broken or severely discolored teeth, contact Sindledecker Dentistry to find out if you are a candidate for the best dental crowns in Boca Raton.

When you look in the mirror, what type of smile do you see? Is it bright and symmetrical? Free of decay? Healthy? White? Or are you discouraged to see chipped or broken teeth? Perhaps your teeth are unevenly shaped or severely discolored. Maybe you have a fractured filling that has been bothering you for quite some time or you’ve recently had a root canal procedure. If any of these scenarios reflect the mouth you see in the mirror, then you may be the perfect candidate for the absolute best dental crowns in Boca Raton, made possible by Sindledecker Dentistry, South Florida’s most respected oral health team. At your first smile makeover consultation, we’ll not only help you decide if you are the right candidate for these procedures, but we’ll also help you decide on the ideal type of material: porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. Either way, the procedure will restore your teeth, preserve their natural appearance and spare you from extraction. These restorative procedures offer the best of both worlds: aesthetically pleasing and made to last for many years. It takes only two appointments in the expert hands of Drs. Maxine and Amanda Sindledecker. Why not save your teeth and restore your smile?

Some people may put off this type of restorative procedure because they are worried about dental crown complications, such as pain or sensitivity, a chip in the cap or a loose cap that comes undone. But when you entrust Sindledecker Dentistry with this service, you don’t need to worry. Pain when biting might simply mean that the cap needs to be adjusted a bit lower on the tooth—no problem, our expert staff can do that. Small chips aren’t a problem either. We can use resin to repair the imperfection or simply replace it entirely. That’s how versatile our staff is. And if in the rare instance the cement washed out from beneath the tooth and the cap feels loose, we can re-secure it. Confidence is restored, along with your healthy teeth. Drs. Maxine and Amanda Sindledecker are outstanding board-certified dentists whose practice first opened 45 years ago and continue to serve Florida resident with state-of-the-art care in a compassionate, warm and friendly office suite. We offer a full menu of services, including cosmetic bonding, veneers, implants and Invisalign, as well as facial enhancements such as micro needling and Botox. Moreover, we pride ourselves in the most attentive preventative oral health care for the entire family. Don’t hesitate to contact My Boca Dentist for your first appointment and begin your first step to healthier teeth and a fabulous smile makeover.

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