Dr. Sindledecker Transformed My Smile

My Cosmetic Dentistry Results – I have been a patient of Dr. Maxine Sindledecker and her staff for over 6 years. As a former dental assistant, excellent restorative dentistry is of the utmost importance to me. I have high standards and carefully selected this office. They have well exceeded my expectations.

As a young girl, my teeth could have benefited from braces. Unfortunately it did not happen. As a result, in many pictures in my adult life, my teeth were set back in my mouth and were hard to see. They were small, and certainly not flattering. I can proudly say, I now have porcelain veneers on my upper front teeth. Dr. Maxine, as she is known to many, has transformed my mouth and smile. With much patience, she worked meticulously to contour and produce a smile that I am proud to have and looks great in pictures. I look younger and healthier. It’s worth every bit, and it’s the best dollars I’ve ever spent.

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