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Dr. Sindledecker Transformed My Smile

My Cosmetic Dentistry Results – I have been a patient of Dr. Maxine Sindledecker and her staff for over 6 years. As a former dental assistant, excellent restorative dentistry is of the utmost importance to me. I have high standards and carefully selected this office. They have well exceeded my expectations.

As a young girl, my teeth could have benefited from braces. Unfortunately it did not happen. As a result, in many pictures in my adult life, my teeth were set back in my mouth and were hard to see. They were small, and certainly not flattering. I can proudly say, I now have porcelain veneers on my upper front teeth. Dr. Maxine, as she is known to many, has transformed my mouth and smile. With much patience, she worked meticulously to contour and produce a smile that I am proud to have and looks great in pictures. I look younger and healthier. It’s worth every bit, and it’s the best dollars I’ve ever spent.

The Good Doctor

This is a reprint of a letter written by a grateful patient and published by the Palm Beach Post. This family came to our practice in need of comfort. That’s our goal: To bring the families of Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Deerfield Beach, and beyond, beautiful cosmetic dentistry and the warmth and comfort of a family dentist.

Restorative Dentistry Results by Dr. SindledeckerRestorative Dentistry Results – It was Monday morning and the beginning of a brand-new workweek, and the workday was a tough one. I left a bit early, knowing my nine-year old son’s basketball game was at 7 p.m. at Boca Hoops—a kind of little league basketball in Boca Raton. At 6 p.m., I walked through the door only to hear his excited voice asking, “Is it basketball time yet?” That was my cue that I wasn’t getting out of basketball that evening, no matter how hard my day had been.

At seven o’clock, my wife and I were there in the bleachers, right on time. The little guy was psyched, especially because he was going to start, something he doesn’t usually do. The sound of the buzzer blasted, the game began, and the little rascals were everywhere, chasing the orange ball up and down the court.

Not long after, tragedy struck: I watched my son fall face first to the floor. I leaped onto the court and ran up to him. The unthinkable had happened: Both of his front teeth had broken in half. I grabbed him in my arms, and both of us were in shock. The coach handed me his two front teeth, which had been lying on the basketball floor. As I left with my wife and son in hand, the little guy was crying; he was hurting badly, physically and emotionally, especially after he saw himself in the rearview mirror.

My feeling of helplessness soon became my next nightmare; who could I call at this hour? I thought it would have to wait until the next morning. My wife called our family dentists, Dr. Larry and Dr. Maxine Sindledecker, and naturally, the answering service took my name and phone number as I kept driving. Within two minutes, Maxine’s voice was on the line. She listened to my story and invited me to her home. I felt the weight of the world was lifted from me. We pulled up and Maxine was waiting. The little fellow was in tears as Maxine gave him a hug and assured him he would be all right. Larry and Maxine both took a look and felt it could be repaired. But he was still in pain, so they both drove ten miles to re-open their office and fixed it so he wouldn’t be in pain. Then she called him in for a Tuesday morning cosmetic bonding.

I know that Larry and Maxine have one of the busiest dental offices in Boca Raton, but what I didn’t know until now was why. Not until they both went over and beyond the call of duty as dentists. They did it cheerfully and lovingly. It is nice to know that there are doctors who can still be like neighbors. Larry and Maxine Sindledecker set a good example of what being a good doctor means.

“Why Didn’t You Smile in Your Wedding Photos?”

When I was in seventh grade, a young girl that I had a crush on for many months told me one day “You’re really cute….except when you smile.” I had never considered that before. I spent the rest of my life cracking only a half smile, careful not to reveal too much. It caused some people to think I was arrogantly self-consumed, or too cool to laugh at their jokes or to smile when taking a picture. It caused a lot of people to assume things about me that simply weren’t true. I wanted to laugh and have a full smile; I was just always on guard not to make that “ugly” face. Even in my own wedding pictures, I have a slight smile, my wife always said “Come on. Smile! Show your teeth.”

My teeth were severely mottled and discolored presumably from antibiotics or fluoride, I’ve even heard from having braces. I wore braces for many years, but never did as I was supposed to, so the end result had my front teeth angled in with the ones next to them angled out. This all contributed to not a horrendous, hideous smile, but one I certainly was not comfortable sharing, even with my wife.

Luckily for me, I had a chance to make my smile better when I met Dr. Amanda Sindledecker. However, it would not be easy for me to sit down in her chair. Besides being smile-phobic, I’ve also grown up with an innate fear of needles. This contributed to the overall poor condition of my teeth aesthetically, even when I had a great dentist.

My first visit with Amanda was an easy one. We were just talking about what could be done. However, about a week before my first visit, the anxiety started. This was a university, not a dental office, which was fine except for one thing…there’s no gas available to settle me down. I’m now in a zone of high anxiety, sometimes to the point of nausea. However, I found very quickly that Dr. Amanda Sindledecker had something very few people have: True compassion. She totally understood my fear. There wasn’t a whole lot of “Come on! It’s just a needle! It doesn’t hurt,” which, while true, serves no purpose in comforting me. She did a fantastic job not only with the cleaning and subsequent injections, which really didn’t hurt, but also with comforting and relaxing her patient. Knowing that she understood my fear helped relax me, and I actually made it through all of the procedures without gas. By the end, I really didn’t even think of my anxiety, even when the needles came out. So in a sense, by understanding me, she has actually helped me move past my anxiety and realize that it is just a needle and it doesn’t hurt.

My expectations with regard to the results of dental veneers were reasonable, although not really high. By the time I got my first temporary set, I knew that this was going to be a big change for me. They were so natural that even upon close inspection you would never know they aren’t mine. They don’t have that perfectly ridiculous look of dentures or dental bridges. They are natural. The work that Dr. Amanda Sindledecker did has changed the way I smile. I feel great about smiling. I now look forward to a joke or an opportunity to meet someone. When we did the initial consultation, we decided on the first eight upper teeth because I didn’t show anymore than that in a full smile. For some reason now, it seems when I smile, you can see all the way back to my very last teeth!

I may not be the best looking guy, maybe I’m still ugly when I smile, but it’s not because of my teeth, I’’m proud of my teeth now. I’m happy to laugh at jokes and I can’t wait to see what my smile looks like in a picture now. In fact, we may have to re-shoot some of our wedding photos so people don’t ask, “You have such a great smile, why didn’t you smile in your wedding photos?”

This year my wife and I are planning on our first child. Luckily, we live in the same town as Dr. Sindledecker. We may not have decided on a pediatrician, but we have no doubt decided about who our family dentist will be.

- Brandt

My Journey to Sindledecker Dentistry

After Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Sindledecker – Hidden among East Boca Raton’s booming shops, there is a quaint building with a sign outside that reads Sindledecker Dentistry.

Upon entering the building, you are immediately set at ease from the warm smiles of Lori and Joan, who always take the time to make you feel special. In addition, the physical layout of the office adds to your comfort, because there are no glass partitions to separate you from the office staff.

What first led me to this particular office was a dental horror story, one of which many people have experienced. The details are not important. What is important is that because of a referral from a dear friend, I was one of the lucky ones that walked into the Sindledecker office.

Without hesitation, I can truly say that from the very first meeting with Dr. Maxine, my heart told me I was in the right place. It is most comforting in life when you surround yourself with competent and caring people. There are not enough accolades to describe Dr. Maxine. Her gentle hands combined with a true sense of caring can touch your inner core.

Few people in life are blessed with the skill that Dr. Maxine has. She takes her profession to a higher level of achievement and shares her blessing with those that are lucky enough to be called her patients.

“Smiles” and “dentist” are usually not synonymous with one another. Yet, reclining in her chair, engulfed by the warmth of the wood ceilings has ALWAYS made me smile.

I would like to make a special mention and thank you to Kathleen, who runs the office with grace and efficiency, and works miracles to accommodate your needs. Her skills far exceed those of any CEO running a huge corporation.

I must also mention Vicki. Vicki, who never leaves you alone in the room for one moment. Vicki, who always talks you through difficult moments. Vicki, who moves as an extension of Dr. Maxine. Vicki, I thank you for all your smiles and warmth. You go way beyond your calling, and if there is ever a time in life that I can somehow repay you for all you have done for me, I will be there for you.

This has been a journey in my life. I will always be grateful for the kindness, caring, and beautiful smile that Dr. Maxine has given me. She has shared her gift and touched my heart.

- Sandy

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