Teeth Whitening to Improve Your Smile

Teeth WhiteningAs the holidays are coming, the opportunities to take beautiful pictures with your family and friends come as well. You don’t want to be self-conscious about your smile while you’re getting ready to pose for your holiday picture.

At Sindledecker Dentistry, we put our patients first, and our teeth whitening service will have your smile the spotlight of every holiday photo you’re in!

If you’re looking to remove a few stains or get your smile picture-perfect, our teeth whitening treatments will deliver the smile you want. On your first trip to our office for a cosmetic dentistry solution, the most important thing is that we establish what you want so we can create a plan on how to achieve what you want. With our Zoom! and Nite White teeth bleaching, our teeth whitening treatments produce excellent results with real patient satisfaction.

The Zoom! in-office teeth whitening offers an immediate benefit for our patients as it’s a great way to kick start your teeth whitening process. A Zoom! Teeth whitening treatment only takes about an hour, so you’re in and out! With this treatment, we’re able to remove stains left from the following: soda, tea, coffee, tobacco, and wine. Once your treatment is completed, your teeth will be about 5 to 10 shades whiter. At home, with the proper touch-ups, your teeth will continue to have a white and beautiful smile for years to come. Zoom! teeth whitening is not only a safe and effective way to whiten your teeth but long-lasting!

Another teeth whitening treatment you can try is the Nite White At-Home Teeth Whitening treatment. This is the perfect treatment if you’re tight on time, but you get total control over how much you whiten your teeth. Our office offers at-home Nite White bleaching trays, that are crafted to fit your mouth perfectly.

In conclusion, the most promising choice for teeth bleaching treatments is to combine both teeth whitening treatments! First, you’ll start with the in-office Zoom! treatment, and then continue to keep your teeth shine with Nite White at-home treatment! If you’re looking to achieve a whiter and brighter smile, give our office a call today!

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