Are Your Teeth Trying to Tell You Something?

Dental Services Boca Raton, FL Our teeth are a part of the body that we have lived with for so long that we don’t notice much – until what we notice can’t be ignored. Have you ever had an experience like this; a time when chewing or biting resulted in cringe-worthy pain? This is not the way you and your teeth are supposed to relate. In fact, if you pay close attention, you may see that your teeth will give you a warning if something is not right. The problem is, the warning may be easy to miss.

We’re talking about sensitivity. This dental condition has been portrayed as a problem that needs to be managed. You may recall seeing a commercial or other advertisement for a sensitive-teeth toothpaste. This alone suggests that your teeth might “just be sensitive,” and that you can handle this problem without talking with a dentist about it. No so. Here, we want to discuss a few of the things sensitive teeth may be trying to tell you.

  • Cavity on the way! In many cases, sensitivity to hot or cold is the very first indicator that enamel has been degraded in a certain area of a tooth. The heightened reactivity of tooth nerves occurs when stimulation enters through the tiniest spot of weakness. Finding a cavity as the origin of sensitivity could actually be beneficial, because early care can prevent extensive damage – and intense pain.
  • Enamel is worn thin. Erosion is a relatively new term used in dentistry. It has become more common due to the widespread consumption of highly acidic beverages, such as sports and energy drinks. The erosion of enamel washes away this hard surface bit by bit, resulting in increased sensitivity. Like cavities, erosion can affect people of all ages. This problem may be somewhat more challenging to correct. Patients may need veneers to restore proper coverage of softer tooth structure.
  • Gums are under attack. Really, gum tissue is almost always under attack. This is because bacteria are a natural result of living. Daily oral care is vital to the prevention of inflammation and infection in the gums. When gum disease leads to periodontal pockets, space between teeth and gum tissue, teeth roots become exposed. Because roots and nerves live in the same area of a tooth, sensitivity could become a common problem. Gum health can be managed with proper dental care, such as deep cleanings as needed.

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