Sensitivity after Zoom Teeth Whitening: Here’s What You Can Do

 Teeth Whitening Boca Raton, FLOne of the most common cosmetic complaints expressed by patients of our cosmetic and general dentistry office is that their teeth are stained. Tooth discoloration, you may know, diminishes the youthfulness of the face, even if you’ve got few lines and wrinkles to speak of. Stained teeth have also been said to make others perceive us as lazy or unsuccessful. Who finds that appealing? No one, judging by the popularity of teeth whitening treatments.

We are pleased to offer patients two options in teeth whitening when they visit our Boca Raton office. One is Zoom! Advanced Power Whitening. By undergoing this in-office procedure, patients can jump-start their lifelong enjoyment of a radiant smile. After this initial smile-brightening treatment, patients can maintain a stain-free smile with periodic home-whitening treatments.

We Need to Talk about Sensitivity

One of the downsides to professional teeth whitening is that some patients experience temporary tooth sensitivity. We’re not going to sugar-coat this: sensitivity can be noticeably uncomfortable. Most patients find this a minor nuisance. However, for some patients, sensitivity can prevent them from being able to eat and drink without a bit of pain. This can feel stressful, and we want to help minimize the effects of teeth whitening however we can.

The reason why some patients experience sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment is that there are tiny tubules or pores, which cover our teeth (just like we have on our skin). In order to remove stains that have settled in these pores, we must open them. That is part of what happens during teeth whitening, whether conducted at home or in the office. The very opening of these tubules creates more responsiveness in the nerves of teeth. Therefore, any external stimuli, such as warm or cold foods, is likely to irritate nerve endings.

Sensitivity is not a given! Some patients experience zero side effects after their whitening treatment. If your teeth become irritated, you may try strategies such as:

  • Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for a few days to control discomfort.
  • Breathe from your nose rather than your mouth.
  • Drink from a straw.
  • Consume beverages at room-temperature or lukewarm temperature.
  • If you have sensitive teeth, talk to your dentist about using a fluoride rinse or other desensitizing agent before your treatment.

The fear of sensitivity should not keep you from the radiant smile you deserve. Call us at 561-368-2928 to discuss how we can help you handle sensitivity related to teeth whitening and, together, let’s move toward your best smile.

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