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When you come to a dentist for a cosmetic solution, the important thing is that you get the results you want. For teeth whitening, we’ve made sure to offer treatments that provide just that. Zoom!® and Nite White® teeth bleaching are both treatments our Boca Raton practice have found to produce excellent results with real patient satisfaction.

Although both treatments can brighten your teeth, they each have individual benefits. These unique characteristics may make one much more attractive to you than the other, so consider some of the differences below. If you’d like to find out more, contact our office and make an appointment!

About Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

The powerful Zoom!® teeth bleaching treatment only takes an hour at our Boca Raton office. During a regular work lunch break, your teeth can be five to ten shades whiter! A specialized gel is applied to your teeth, and a light is used to activate the gel. Then the treatment gets to work. Stains from foods, drinks, or tobacco usage are broken apart and lifted from the teeth. Once the treatment is over, your teeth will be a new, beautiful shade of white.

What Zoom!® Means for You

People remember a great smile. A fun party, walks down the street, a business introduction… they all are opportunities to make a great impression. Unfortunately, stained teeth can hold back a beautiful smile from achieving its full potential. With the Zoom!® treatment, that’s no longer the case. By dramatically removing the natural stains that accumulate over time, your smile can showcase your strong and healthy teeth with a beautiful luster. From there, it’s a small step to disarming those around you with a magnificent smile.

One of the most sought-after benefits of Zoom!® are the almost instant results. With a quick sit in our office, your teeth go from sullen to sparkling in no-time. Perfect for weddings, interviews, or simply a better smile, this transformative experience can truly boost your self-confidence, creating a wonderful mood for you to revel in. If you are looking for immediate results, think Zoom!®.

Nite White® At-Home Teeth Bleaching Treatment

Effective teeth bleaching treatment doesn’t have to take place in the dentist’s office anymore. Advanced dental technology has provided several safe and reliable ways of whitening your own teeth, all in the comfort of your own home. The high standard we employ at Sindledecker Dentistry leaves us with only one choice for at-home treatment – Nite White® bleaching trays. These trays can be used comfortably on your own time while resting at home. They are less “instant” than the Zoom!® treatment, but can brighten your smile just as well.

How an At-Home Treatment May Work for You

If you have a busy schedule and want control over your whitening treatment, then Nite White® is the treatment for you. By taking care of it in your own time, you can adjust how bright you want your teeth to be, and do so very precisely. The gradual adjustment also allows for a more natural and inconspicuous transition into whiter teeth. So if you are looking for a teeth whitener that you can fool your friends with, easily fit in to your busy schedule, and get great results from, Nite White® might be the treatment for you.

Combine our Two Treatments for Long-Lasting Results

The most promising choice for teeth bleaching treatments is using both! You can kickstart your whitening process with an in-office Zoom!® treatment, and then keep your teeth’s shine with the Nite White® treatment at home! Combine the best of both, and your smile will be noticeably more beautiful and radiant.

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