Teeth Whitening

Whiten Your Teeth & Illuminate Your Smile

Whether you want to remove a few stains on your teeth, or achieve that Hollywood-white smile, the teeth whitening treatments we use at Sindledecker Dentistry in Boca Raton, FL will brighten your teeth to the level you desire. Cosmetic dentist Maxine Sindledecker, and Amanda Sindledecker, understand that not all patients need a major cosmetic overhaul for their teeth. Some patients just need a little teeth whitening to give them the beautiful, dazzling smile that each patient deserves.

If you do have other cosmetic or functional concerns about your teeth, treatments such as porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, or cosmetic bonding may improve the functionality of your teeth while also making your teeth whiter in appearance. To learn more about our teeth whitening procedures, contact our Boca Raton cosmetic dentistry office today to schedule an appointment.

Zoom!® AP (Advanced Power) In-office Teeth Whitening


Zoom!® AP in-office teeth whitening offers an immediate benefit to our Boca Raton patients and is a great way to jumpstart your whitening treatment, and. Teeth whitening with Zoom!® ensures that you will achieve results from just one visit to our office. Many of our patients use Zoom!® teeth whitening technology to get a quick start to a brighter smile before using an at-home teeth whitening kit.

The Zoom!® Treatment

Zoom! Tooth Whitening Boca Raton FLZoom!® teeth whitening in Boca Raton, FL takes approximately an hour to complete. After applying the Zoom!® gel to your teeth, an activating light will gently break up and remove the stains left from foods and beverages, including soda, tea, coffee, and wine. Zoom!® is also able to lift stains from tobacco use. After your treatment, your teeth will be five to 10 shades whiter. With the proper touch-ups at home, your teeth will remain white and beautiful for years. Zoom!® teeth whitening is both safe and effective, and we do not recommend it to all patients, so please have a custom consultation so we can see which type of whitening procedure is right for you.

At-home Teeth Whitening

At-home teeth whitening is a simple method of whitening your teeth. Not only is the process completed all in your own spare time, but you get total control over how much you whiten your teeth. At Sindledecker Dentistry, we offer at-home Nite White® bleaching trays, which are crafted to fit your mouth perfectly. Using the Nite White® teeth whitening gel, you will wear the trays as often as you like in order to get the shade of white that is perfect for you. The Nite White® system is unique in that it lets you handle your everyday tasks – watching television, surfing the internet, washing the dishes – all while removing stains on your teeth and brightening your smile at your Boca Raton-area home in. Teeth whitening with Nite White® allows you the control, the simplicity, and the results that you want. We may recommend that for sensitive teeth this at home whitening is a better option for you. We have many different strengths of whitening and can recommend which one is the best for you especially for sensitive teeth. Please have a whitening consultation so we can help you find which one is right for you!

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