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It’s completely natural for kids to prefer playing outside or watching a favorite movie over what they might perceive as a “boring” task like brushing their teeth. However, there are creative ways to make brushing an enjoyable experience for your son or daughter, fostering healthy oral hygiene habits from an early age. Dr. Sindledecker, Dr. Saltz, and our team have a few tricks up our sleeves to make brushing time fun!

Game Time: Transforming brushing time into a game can engage your child. Whether it’s playing hide-and-seek or singing their favorite song while brushing for two minutes, turning the routine into a game adds an element of fun. Rewards like stickers for a good brushing session can motivate your child, and you can even establish a system where earning five stickers leads to a special treat or activity at the end of the week.

Fun Accessories: Explore various toothbrush options to add excitement to your child’s daily brushing routine. Toothbrushes that light up or are shaped like favorite animals or cartoon characters can make brushing more appealing. Teaching your child about the recommended brushing time can also be entertaining – let them set a timer for two minutes before they start brushing.

The Great Toothpaste Experiment: Since kids can be picky eaters, this might extend to toothpaste flavors. Conduct a toothpaste taste test, allowing your child to sample different flavors as they might at an ice cream shop. Emphasize that they shouldn’t swallow the toothpaste during this experiment.

By incorporating these playful approaches, your child can develop healthy brushing habits with a touch of fun. If you need more tips or want to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Sindledecker and Dr. Saltz at our Boca Raton office today!

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