Make 2018 The Year of Your Best Smile

Dentistry Services Boca Raton FLNaturally, the beginning of a new year brings out our optimism. We create lists of the goals we want to achieve and may go so far as to draw up step-by-step plan to meet them as the month’s pass. If part of your New Year’s Resolution tradition is to look and feel your best, a great place to start is with your smile. The team in our Boca Raton practice offers the cosmetic, restorative, and preventive dentistry services you need to achieve this goal.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The reason that the smile should not be overlooked in any aesthetic endeavor to bring more beauty to the face is that it is the smile that people notice first. Even you probably notice your smile first when you look in the mirror. The great thing about this is the fact that a bit of cosmetic work on the smile can make an enormous impact on overall facial beauty. We provide a variety of treatments to bring out the best in your smile, from tooth-colored fillings to teeth whitening to cosmetic gum contouring.

Restorative Dentistry

Oh, how wonderful it would be if we never had to restore oral health! The very nature of the mouth, being acidic, creates the need for occasional repairs. To maximize the value of dental care – and your smile – it is beneficial to schedule a visit to your dentist as soon as it has become evident that a problem has developed. The sooner that a small problem is repaired, the better. Waiting only sets you up for pain and unnecessary stress.

Preventive Dentistry

Routine dental visits are integral to your wellbeing, as well as your confidence. To maintain teeth and gums in their best possible condition takes two visits a year – and that is when we have a clean slate to work with. If there is the presence of infection in the gums, it may be necessary to obtain more frequent dental care to avoid serious complications such as tooth instability or loss.

We are here to set you off into a beautiful and healthy New Year, and to see you through to your best smile. For your visit with Dr. Maxine or Dr. Amanda Sindledecker, call 561-368-2928.

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