Don’t Let Fear Keep You From a Dental in Florida, Boca Raton

fl boca raton dentalIf you’re one of many people with a dental phobia, you likely delay or skip routine dental visits. But that simple decision could have a devastating impact on your health. Learn more.

Does the thought of a Fl. Boca Raton dental visit fill you with anxiety? Do you delay scheduling appointments because you’re worried about pain? You’re not alone. 

Experts say about 36 percent of adults are afraid of dental appointments. About 12 percent of adults have what experts consider extreme dental fear.

At Sindledecker Dentistry, we offer safe, compassionate, gentle care for all dental concerns. We don’t want fear to keep you away. If you do skip appointments, here’s what might happen. 

Cavities Form Quickly 

Of adults older than 20, more than 25 percent have an untreated cavity. Holes in your teeth are painful, especially when you’re exposed to sugary or sweet foods. And cavities can deepen and make your whole tooth fall out. 

During a routine visit, we can use tools to help prevent cavities. We might suggest:

  • Cleanings. We can scrape away plaque quickly and gently. 
  • Polishing. We can scrub away hard-to-see deposits with a fast-rotating brush. 
  • Fluoride. Gels and pastes help to strengthen your enamel so plaque can’t take hold. 

We can also offer sealants, which form a cap on the top of your teeth. A smooth surface is harder for plaque to attack. 

Gum Disease Is Dangerous 

Close to 50 percent of people 30 and older have some type of gum disease. When the healthy, pink tissue around your teeth begins to decay and fail, your teeth can loosen within your mouth. And, gum disease can’t be reversed. The tissue you lose won’t come back.

The same techniques we use to clean your teeth can help your gums. We can also perform deep cleanings of spaces just beneath the gumline to help protect your mouth. 

Your Fear-Free Dental in Florida, Boca Raton 

We know thinking about cleanings and treatments is unpleasant. But know that we take your concerns seriously. We can offer sedation therapy to ease your mind, and we always use a gentle touch to lessen your discomfort. 

Contact us to find out how we put our patients first. 

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