Dental Implants: Has Nature Met Her Match?

Dental Implants | Sindledecker Dentistry | Boca Raton FLIt would seem downright disrespectful to say that nature missed a step in the development of natural teeth. The body is a fascinating world all its own and has been made in a way that supports lifelong health. The diseases that affect the mouth and body are largely human-made. Because they exist, man has been forced to create alternatives to what nature intended. Dental implants are a prime example.

We have dental implants because we have not reached a point where tooth loss never occurs. Sometimes, injuries affect teeth. Most often, though, tooth loss results from extensive decay and infection. In such situations, the transition from natural (but failing) teeth and dental implants is a game-changer. The lasting effects of dental implant treatment might just mean that nature has met her match. Here’s how.

Cavities are a Thing of the Past

For the patient who replaces an arch or both arches of teeth with dental implants and a ceramic bridge, the future looks very bright. This is because dental implant posts are made of surgical-grade titanium. Ceramic bridges and crowns replicate the nuances of natural teeth, except when it comes to susceptibility. The difference between natural teeth and artificial structures is that new teeth and roots will not decay. Cavities? What are those?

Lifelong Oral Health

The fact that foods and drinks cannot affect ceramic teeth the same way they do natural enamel means that there is a better chance for lifelong oral health. Dental implants become encased in bone over the course of several months, enabling them to remain in place for decades. According to one study, titanium implants might continue to function exceptionally well for thirty or more years.

It’s Up to You

Here’s the thing about dental implants being a match for nature; the longevity of results is up to you. Yes, it is possible to enjoy lifelong oral health and zero cavities after replacing your natural teeth. However, we must remember that gum tissue is vulnerable to acidity. If oral care is lacking, the mouth can become highly acidic. This acidity promotes bacteria, and bacteria can invade the gum line. If this were to happen, an infection might develop deep beneath the gums, where implant posts rely on the healthy bone for stability.

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