Dental Alternatives To Crowns

Many patients walk-in to our clinic to find out whether there are any dental alternatives to crowns. Over the years, we have specialized in treating and addressing a variety of dental problems that many of us face. From teeth whitening to bridgework, dental implants to fillings, everything you need to know about oral healthcare is available at Sindledecker Dentistry.

Dental Alternatives To Crowns

A dental crown is a cap that covers damaged or missing teeth and provide you with the most natural-looking teeth restoration. If you have a serious tooth decay or other probable damage to your teeth, dental crowns are the best option. They cover your damaged teeth and make it appear like natural teeth. However, if there is considerable damage or there is a missing tooth, one of the real dental alternatives to crowns are dental implants. After extraction of the tooth, we replace it with dental implants that look and function just like normal teeth. At first you may experience a slight discomfort, but within a matter of time you will get accustomed to the new tooth or teeth. They are long lasting and go through minimum damage throughout the patient’s lifetime. If your tooth simply needs to undergo an aesthetic makeover, we suggest porcelain veneers to cover that part of the tooth, rather a full crown.

Whatever your requirement, we assess the status of your oral healthcare and dental layout before suggesting any dental alternatives to crowns. For more information regarding all dental services, we recommend you to visit our website or call us today!

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