Could Straight Teeth Improve Your Health?

Invisalign® Orthodontic Treatment | Sindledecker Dentistry | Boca Raton, FLThe more science has explored various aspects of health and wellness, the more we have come to realize that many of the common diseases that affect adults today can be prevented. Disease prevention is often correlated with a healthy diet. We are encouraged not to smoke and to limit alcohol intake. Most adults recognize the immense value of exercise for better health and quality of life. These aspects of wellness are cornerstones, and so is the health of your teeth and gums.

There’s More than Beauty in a Straight Smile

When we talk with our patients about having a straight smile, the primary goal often sounds like it revolves around beauty. Several benefits originate with a straight smile, including heightened confidence and greater professional success. These are well-known. Here, we want to discuss the particular ways in which a straight smile supports general health.

  1. Straight teeth are easier to maintain. Often, misalignment means there is either too much space or too little space in between teeth. Especially in the instance of overlapping teeth, there is a concern about plaque buildup up in small nooks and crannies. Corrective treatment like Invisalign closes gaps and creates space so brushing and flossing are more efficient, thereby reducing the risk of inflammation and infection in the mouth that causes cavities and gum disease.
  2. Straight teeth fair better over time. It isn’t as if straight teeth are more resilient than crooked teeth. However, there is a much lower likelihood that teeth will wear down too quickly when alignment is not an issue. When teeth are misaligned and do not meet up when we chew, some teeth may experience more friction and force. Over time, these teeth become vulnerable to fractures and breaks.
  3. The jaw likes straight teeth. When we chew, our top teeth should meet our bottom teeth. Misalignment may make this problematic. But, because the brain is so efficient, we may not even realize that the jaw is moving in a particular way to make teeth meet. Abnormal jaw movement to accommodate a bad bite can lead to symptoms such as facial pain and even chronic headaches.

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