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dentists in Boca RatonBoca Raton tooth bonding is one of the most popular services because it allows people to quickly and affordably improve the look of their smile and the feel of their teeth within a few hours. Anyone who has ever cracked or chipped a tooth knows exactly how valuable this service is as it corrects the issue and is completely painless. A perfect example is if someone is having dinner on a Tuesday night and accidentally chips their teeth. They have a big event coming up the following weekend and they need to look their best. There will be pictures taken with friends and family and chipped teeth isn’t exactly a look they want to remember and have their loved ones remember as well. So, what’s the solution?

Tooth bonding by Sindledecker Dentistry will take care of this problem and help you to look your best within a few days. The sealant is very strong and lasts for years if properly taken care of. The process does not cause any discomfort and is done in our Boca Raton office. How does it work? A durable material is applied to the area and hardened to hold the replacement piece to the area. Once hardened, you can return to your normal activities including eating whatever you want and chewing gum. Most patients do not have to have it replaced for years and they enjoy a natural, healthy look. It also holds up well in cleanings and other dental treatments and, if done properly, is something you will literally forget about for months at a time. Want to learn more about bonding options? Contact us for a consultation today.

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