before and after smile makeover

There is a drastic difference in before and after smile makeover treatments. Cosmetic procedures need to exercise caution as every person’s dental requirement is different from another. While some may actually require an invasive corrective surgery, others may simply do well with whitening options.

before and after smile makeover

As your personal dentist in Boca Raton Fl, Sindledecker Dentistry provides you with complete knowledge regarding before and after smile makeover procedures. When does one invest in a cosmetic surgery? If you have crooked teeth or chipped/broken teeth, missing teeth or even stained ones; this is where cosmetic procedures prove to be beneficial. Smile makeovers is a series of cosmetic procedures that can complete transform your smile and make you look far younger. Whether you want your teeth to be whiter, longer, straighter, or want to render a different shape to fit your facial features, a cosmetic smile makeover helps you achieve the results you want. Our custom smile makeovers ensure that all your before and after smile makeover questions are answered diligently, to enable you to make a better decision. Drs. Sindledecker advise patients to undergo a thorough dental check-up before suggesting any cosmetic surgery. As per the requirement, the doctors may suggest porcelain veneers and crowns, dental implants, teeth whitening, gum contouring, etc. to help you to retain a healthy set of teeth.

Every procedure cost and time to recover varies a little. Although, you will generally be able to get back to your routine in a day or two, however, it is best to consult with the doctors regarding before and after smile makeover treatments. For more information regarding our services, reach out to us on!

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