3 Questions the Best Dentist in Boca Raton, Florida, Will Ask

best dental boca raton flA dentist should clean your teeth and address underlying disease. But the best dental experts also ask the right questions and listen to your answers. Learn how a few simple queries could uncover important dental issues. 

When you’re searching for the best dental, Boca Raton, FL, has plenty of options. As you read through the reviews, you may hear patients discuss diagnostic ability, cleaning tools, or a gentle touch. But there’s something else truly exceptional dentists can do for you. 

At Sindledecker Dentistry, we believe in providing the best care to each patient. Education is an important part of what we do, but we also believe in listening. 

These are three questions our dentists often ask their patients. 

Do You Smoke? 

Smoking can harm your lungs and heart. Most of us know about these risks. But did you know smoking can also harm your oral health? 

Smokers have twice the risk of gum disease when compared to those who don’t smoke. And some of the treatments we use to address periodontal disease don’t work as well in people who smoke. 

We should ask about your smoking habit, so we’ll know how to help keep your mouth healthy. And if you do smoke and want to stop, we encourage you to visit your doctor for prescription solutions. 

How Often Do You Brush? 

We encourage patients to brush twice per day. But many people tell us they thought just once per day was sufficient. And others open up and tell us why they don’t brush.

For example, people ages 20 to 40 may develop dental sensitivity. When they brush, their teeth hurt. We can help through:

  • Toothpastes. Some dental products can harden enamel and make teeth less sensitive. 
  • Treatments. Fluoride treatments can, in some cases, deliver long-term relief from sensitivity. 
  • Coaching. We can show you how to hold your toothbrush, so you’re not pressing too hard and hurting your teeth.

How Can We Help Improve Your Smile?

The best Boca Raton, FL, dental practice wouldn’t be complete without this question. Some of our patients want more than a cleaning. We can offer smile restoration treatments to brighten and whiten. And we can even offer Botox injections to make the smile as attractive as possible.

We hope you’ll consider a visit to the best Boca Raton, Florida, dental practice. Contact us for an appointment. 

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