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Laser Dentistry in Boca Raton, FL


Sindledecker Dentistry is proud to be on the leading edge of dental technology. We offer the latest dental equipment to provide additional comfort and greater results for patients. Laser dentistry, used in our Boca Raton office, can be used in general dentistry procedures, teeth whitening, and restorative dentistry. It also gives patients more options for improving their dental health, and beautifying their smile with cosmetic dentistry.

At Sindledecker Dentistry, we have a Waterlase MD™ laser made by BIOLASE®. We can work with soft tissues while improving treatments so they'll be more efficient for the doctor, less painful for the patient, and require less local anesthesia. To learn more about what laser dentistry can do for your dental health, contact our Boca Raton office, serving Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Deerfield Beach, and the surrounding Broward/Palm Beach communities.

Laser Dentistry

We've invested in laser dentistry at our office in Boca Raton. With our Waterlase MD™ laser, we can remove areas of small decay from the teeth, in most cases, without using anesthesia. Laser dentistry also allows us to precisely take out the cavity while removing minimal tooth structure. With metal-free dentistry, we can immediately restore the tooth with composite tooth-colored resin – another exciting advancement in dentistry that hides cavities better than the metal fillings of the past. View the results of our drill-less fillings and metal-free dentistry by visiting our online smile makeover gallery.

Laser Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease destroys the gum and bony tissues that support the tooth structure. As plaque develops on and around the teeth, it forms pockets of bacteria in the space between the tooth and gums. If this condition is left untreated, it can eventually deteriorate the gum tissues, expose the tooth roots, and result in tooth loss. Mild forms of periodontal disease are classified as gingivitis. Without proper treatment, which may include conservative scaling and root planning, local antibiotic therapy, and adjunctive laser treatment, early stages of periodontal disease can turn into a more severe, form requiring more extensive treatment or surgery. More than 50 percent of American adults over the age of 30 experience some kind of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is also the number one cause of tooth loss later in life.

Initial treatments for periodontal disease include scaling and root-planing with topical or local anesthesia, with local antibiotic therapy. This is our most conservative treatment that is the beginning of the foundation for achieving a healthy mouth. Laser therapy may also be included in the process to help eliminate bacteria in pockets. Our laser procedures are less painful than previous more invasive surgical procedures and may allow you avoid having more extensive surgical procedures done. Dr. Maxine Sindledecker and Dr. Amanda Sindledecker use the laser therapy in addition to our conventional methods of cleaning your teeth to remove diseased gum tissue and pockets of bacteria in an easy and fairly comfortable way. During the procedure, our Waterlase laser uses laser energy to kill the bacteria and decontaminate the pocket between the tooth and gums, as well as remove any other diseased gum tissue. The laser will only remove the decaying tissues, and it will not affect the surrounding healthy gum tissue or tooth structure. If you are interested in restoring your teeth and gums with periodontal laser dentistry, contact our Boca Raton cosmetic dentistry practice serving Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding communities.

Cosmetic Gum Contouring/Gingivectomy

A "gummy” smile can be described as showing a lot of the gums when you smile. Some people feel self-conscious when they laugh and smile when they show a lot of gums. If a large portion of your gums are exposed, and you wish to change it, you may be a candidate for cosmetic gum contouring, a procedure also called Cosmetic Crown Lengthening. In some cases, using laser dentistry, cosmetic gum surgery will eliminate the gum tissue exposed around the teeth, giving the appearance of longer teeth. Gingivectomies are a similar procedure performed using laser dentistry that can alter the shape and size of the gum tissue conservatively without the need for a surgical procedure.. Gingivectomies specifically can involve the removal of excess gum tissue from the mouth for hygienic purposes, or to prevent the cavity process around a tooth.

Crown Lengthening

A “Crown Lengthening” procedure increases the amount of crown, or tooth, visible above the gumline by removing gum tissue. This may be done for Cosmetic purposes as described before, or Crown lengthening may be used to prepare teeth for restorations, such as dental crowns. Sometimes the amount of decay present in a tooth extends very far below the gumline near the level of bone. In order to make a perfectly fitting dental crown restoration, in this case a “Crown Lengthening” is required to “lengthen” the tooth and expose a larger amount of healthy tooth structure. This procedure will remove a small amount of gum and bone necessary in order to reach healthy tooth for the restoration to be sealed on. This is a minimally invasive procedure that may be accomplished using a dental laser or sometimes a small surgical procedure. We may be able to use laser dentistry for this procedure. The procedure is fairly simple and minimally invasive.

Aphthous/Traumatic Ulcers

Aphthous and traumatic ulcers are also known as "Cold Sores". These lesions can arise around the mouth and lips, and are generally quite painful. There are many reasons for developing these sores, including stress, trauma or an accident, illness, and hormonal changes. Now, we can eliminate these lesions using advanced laser dentistry, at our Boca Raton office, our laser forms a “band-aid” like layer over the painful ulcers and allow them to heal much faster. This quick and pain-less procedure only takes a few minutes and helps instantly in most cases.

Research has shown that treating these sores with laser dentistry will alleviate pain and speed healing of the mouth or lips. Generally, aphthous and traumatic sores take about 14 days to heal. After laser therapy, most patients find that their sores disappear in three to four days.


Connective tissues in the mouth, called "Frenums" connect movable and non-movable structures in the mouth. They are bands on muscle. Frenums can be found under the tongue, inside both the upper and lower lip, as well as in the cheeks. In some cases the Frenum muscles can limit other tissues in the mouth that allow you to speak, eat, and drink, and may also cause problems with the teeth and gums, by their pulling action. If a frenum in the mouth is not in the right place, it may contribute to the loss of tooth structure, a receding gumline, spaces, or sensitivity in teeth. A frenectomy, can be performed using laser dentistry to help release the muscle and treat these problems.. This laser procedure may eliminate the need for actual surgery, sutures, and reduce the post-operative pain before associated with this as a surgery. There is a quicker recovery time and easier healing associated with this when a laser is used.

Learn More about Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has proven to be safe, effective, and less painful for the patient. To learn more about any of our laser dentistry procedures, contact our dental office in Boca Raton at (561) 368-2928.